The Godtime

In the beginning Kaelus was barren and empty, inhabited only by the Vark. The Vark lacked the power to improve the condition of their home. The Vark simply were. Then the gods came and with them they brought the power of Kae. Kae is the power of the universe; the power of possibility.
With it the gods promised to transform the world into a paradise.

The gods descended up the world and made a pact with the Vark. If the Vark would help them turn Kaelus into a paradise for their children then they would give the Vark a paradise of their own. The gods worked with the Vark to turn Kaelus into a paradise. The red sky turned blue, the land green, and the oceans were filled with life.

Having made the world hospitable for their children the gods pulled man from the void to be the caretaker of Kaelus. The gods Kaelus to prepare a place for the Vark. In their wake they created emissaries to guide man in the ways of life.

Many of the Vark left through the ether gates to create a paridise suited for their needs. A few stayed behind to help mankind improve the paradise of Kaelus, for they were content with only perfection.

Kaelus prospered and man thrived. Vark and man lived together peacefully.

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The Godtime

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