The Gifting

The Old Gods and the Vark left to create the second world. They left the emissaries and the most trusted of the Vark to look over mankind. The emissaries watched over mankind with the same care the gods had before them. The Vark instead focused their efforts on the world, creating wondrous creatures and monuments.

When the Old Gods returned they saw how mankind hand thrived under the rule of the emissaries. As a gift they granted mankind the power of Kae. Of all that were gifted only one in a thousand had the talent to control Kae. The Old Gods promised their seed would spread throughout the world and gave them a new name: Jori.

The Old Gods ordained that any Jori showed himself worthy through deeds and pureness of heart would be reborn into a higher level of paradise called the Methanine. Those without the talent for Kae would have their soul reincarnated for another chance to become Jori.

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The Gifting

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