Kae Power list

Kae Powers represent specialized training and mastery of Kae skills. They require more focus and thus have to be trained.

For each Kae skill except focus you get 1 free Kae Power once you reach 3 points in the skill to represent your mastery and training. Kae Powers can also be bought for a skill point.

Name: Messenger Bird
Requirements: Sound Element, Summoning 2, Divination 2, a feather
Kae Cost: 1 point
Description: Using a bird feather you create a small ethereal bird and give it a message and a recipient. The bird will deliver the message without error before it dissipates. Skills: Athletics 2

Name: Chain Lightning
Requirements: Evocation 3, Mastery 2
Kae Cost: 1 point
Description: You cast a lightning bolt that bounces to multiple targets. When you make this attack you select up to 3 targets all in the same zone as each other. Make one attack, and each of them defend. Reduce damage by 1 for the second and third target.

Name: Force Rebound Armor
Requirements:Force/Energy/Sound, Summoning 3, Transmutation 2
Kae Cost: 1
Description: Using summoning you create armor that disarms successful attacks. The armor rating is determined by the scope (maximum 4). Any melee attack that successfully hits forces the attacker to make a good weapon skill check or be disarmed.

Name: Shatter
Requirements: Sound, Metal, Evocation 2, Mastery 2
Kae Cost: 1
Description: You touch a non malleable object and it shatters. Make an overcome action with evocation (difficulty based on the item size/hardness). If you succeed the item is destroyed.

Name: Eye of the storm
Requirements: Wind, Mastery 3
Kae Cost: 1 point
Description: You create a barrier around yourself that moves with you. This barrier impedes any attacks against you but also impedes any actions you take from non kae skills.

Name: The Right Key
Requirements: Sonic or force, Divination 3, summoning (1)
Kae Cost: 1 point
Description:Using divination you scan the inner workings of a machine or lock, then summon the key or tool used to manipulate it.

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Kae Power list

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