Welcome to the world of Kaelus

Kaelus is a fantasy world filled with magic and mystery. The players take the roles of the Ionea, the Jori, or the bloodless. The proud Ione trace their bloodlines to gods. The Jori posses lesser bloodlines that were not granted divinity. The bloodless make up the majority of the population. They share the same bloodlines as Ionea and Jori but their blood is not strong enough to allow them to manipulate Kae.

Both the Ionea and Jori share the potential to manifest the power of their blood through the ability to manipulate Kae. Kae is the power of the universe. Only those with strong bloodlines can access the power of Kae. An Ionea’s divine bloodline reveals itself in the color of an Ione’s eyes and by a corona that envelops an Ione who uses large amount of Kae. Each of the divine bloodline has a different color of eyes that matches the corona of their bloodline. The Jori of strong bloodlines have multicolored eyes and coronas.

The Ionea believe that Kae is only granted to those in the bloodline who emphasize the attributes of their god, and that those who have been granted the power of Kae are meant to effect change in the world on their god’s behalf.

Many of the Jori believe that through heroic actions, or by sheer power they can attain godhood themselves. Others use their power selfishly.

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