Much different from their neighboring Phyroseans the Zennians value innovation and knowledge over hard work. Their god Celestia rides the skies on bolts of lightning. Zennians believe in the adage that knowledge is power. The Zennian government is ruled by a senate of the rich and powerful. The Zennian compulsion to horde knowledge has left a large disparity in social class. The poor work in the mines, the swamps and on fishing boats while the rich live in a city filled with glowing lights, universities, and lavish parties filled with gossip.

Zennians are tall with hooked noses and blonde hair. A Zennian’s inquisitiveness often gets her into trouble. A Zennian’s thirst for knowledge often overwhelms their compassion or tact. Zennians have unusually long memories, and while not easily offended, are prone to holding grudges.

In recent history an organization who calls themselves the Kesh has gained traction with the lower class. The Kesh are terrorist and thieves who undermine the Zennian society by stealing from the rich, educating the poor, and spreading false truths.


Element: Lightning – Purple Kae
Common Aspects: Inquisitive, Spiteful , Logical

  • Blood of Celestia
    Passive Effect: Those with the blood of Celestia have an uncanny nack for figuring out distances, times, and angles without using measuring tools.
    Invoke for: Memory Vault – May invoke for any action that requires remembering information the character is privy too.
    Compel for: Tell it like it is – Compel to correct someone when something they say is inaccurate or incorrect based on what you believe is correct.

Male mage


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