After the end of the long war the people of Senna, goddess of healing and nature, retreated from the world. They were tired of war, and tired of selfish men who coveted their power. Their exodus lead them to deserted islands across their world where they now make their home. Small tribes live primitive lives upon the islands, trading only with the children of Konchi and the order of Endochan. These tribes are the link to the larger Yomirian empire. Those with divine blood leave the island on a journey to one of the three fabled cities under the sea. There they live in peace and harmony with nature. Not all Yomarians are content to live this life. Many believe that in leaving the world they are keeping the ways of Senna from the world. Some leave out of a desire to use their powers to help the sick and injured. Others leave claiming that Senna has charged them with being wardens of the natural world. Yomarians are often found as traveling healers or reclusive hermits protecting a forest or lake. They conceal their identity for fear of greedy men who would enslave them to use their powers.


Element: Water – Blue Kea
Common Aspects: Compassionate, introspective , Wise

  • Blood of Senna
    Passive Effect: You can Breathe and sleep in and underwater and never need to make a check to swim in calm waters.
    Invoke for: Calm – You have a soothing influence on those around you. Invoke as part of an action to calm someone who is angry.
    Compel for: Compassion – Use to compel the person to come to the aid of someone in trouble.



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