Transmutation is the use of ones kae to supercharge your body. Quick reflexive bursts, lightning fast computations, long range vision, and fast healing are a few examples.

Attack: Cannot be used to attack.

Defend: Cannot be used to defend.

Create Advantage: You can only use the Transmutation skill to create advantages on yourself.

Overcome: There is a very limited range of actions that Transmutation can be used to overcome. Transmutation is restricted to overcoming consequences (when you could normally overcome them) that are physical in nature, and overcoming scene aspects that were placed on you and are physical in nature.

What can I do with transmutation?

Enhance: Enhance a particular part of they body creating a scene aspect on yourself. The scope depends on how much of the body is affected. (ex Keen Eyes (scope 1), Bulging Biceps (Scope 2))

Burst of Speed: Scope 3. You can move 2 zones as part of your action instead of one.

Ignore pain: Scope = stress level. Defer a physical stress box for a scene (if done more than one time for the same stress the stress automatically fills a consequence slot)


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