The new gods

The New Gods, often referred to as ‘The Nine’ were Jori Avatars elevated to godhood by the old gods. Each God has a philosophy represented in the Vias Endochan. Together these philosophies are called “The Nine Paths to Nirvana”. Each god believes his path is the truest path to enlightenment. Each god retains a station in the Methanine. Each gods station is determined by the balance. The balance is a scale that represents the number of followers each god has in the Methanine. The more enlightened followers, the higher the god’s rank. Those of the Jori in the Methanine choose which god they represent. Their allegiance can be permanent or transient as they wish.

The higher the gods station the more quicksilver they can create.

Zoar – Fire

Zoar is the god of creation and destruction: the eternal circle. He believes that bonds between people must be built and strengthened, and weak bonds must be destroyed. One day, when all of the strongest have reached the Methanine Zoar believes the old gods will return, destroy kaelus, and set up another layer of nirvana.

Celestia – Lightning

Celestia believes that by mastering the world and divining all it’s secrets one can achieve a higher level of existence. Knowledge is power, and power is the path of enlightenment. Celestia’s followers believe that godhood is just a matter of knowledge. Everything is a system, and once you understand the system you can overcome it.

Genova -Sound

Genova is the god chaos and trickery. Her path to enlightenment is through experience. If one can do enough new and different things they will eventually gain enlightenment. The journey is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Genova loves riddles and puzzles. Most notably she punished her people for an unknown sin they committed, and wiped knowledge of this sin from memory of the world. Even though her people live their lives in penance they are a happy folk who welcome outsiders.

Ghoral – Energy

Enlightenment comes through discipline. Ghoral’s philosophy focuses on treating oneself like a tool that is prepared for any situation. Only the most perfect tools deserve a place in the Methanine. Life is a constant battle. Weakness is not being able to do what it takes to win. Ghoral believes in only two classes of people; the warriors, and the weak. The warriors are the leaders of society and are burdened with the responsibility of the weak. It is said that in the Methanine Ghoral constantly prepares himself for some far off conflict he ‘feels’ is coming.

Senna – Water

Senna teaches oneness with nature. Everything one needs to attain enlightenment can be gained through study and harmony with nature. All life flows in a cycle, not of destruction and creation, but of death and rebirth. Nothing is ever destroyed, it simply changes. The evolution to enlightenment is a natural process that must be embraced and accepted. You cannot force your way to enlightenment.

Tomar – Entropy

Tomar is a curiosity among the gods. His teachings in the Vias Endochan promote mastery and control Kae as the path to enlightenment. Tomar abhors chaos, and only by controlling possibility itself can true enlightenment be reached. Tomar is considered the god of death, time, and entropy. In the methanine he sits, staring off into infinity. He does not vie for power among the gods and his position is always the lowest. His followers do not follow the Vias Endochan, and those who reach the Methanine do so by accident and not by intention. The path of Tomar is the absence of a path. Kozarian death priests strive to break the cycle of rebirth. Tomar is cursed, for he longs for death, but his status as god has made him immortal. His only options are to abandon his hope for oblivion or to wait….so he waits, believing in time, that all things will eventually be enveloped in oblivion.

Picon – Light

Picon is the god of beauty and art. She believes that art and beauty are the way to perfection. The word only exists in our perceptions and if everyone has the same perception that perception becomes reality. Picon’s followers seek to spread their ideas of beauty and perfection across Kaelus.

Konchi – Wind

Konchi is a mysterious, and fickle goddess. She is the god of secrets. Her dogma says that she will impart her wisdom only to those who have earned her favor. As such, her followers are a very superstitious lot. Folk tales of how someone earned the favor of Konchi become religious practice.

Entar – Force

Entar is the god of wisdom and peace. He believes that enlightenment comes through unity. His priests spread the dogma’s of all gods and do not promote one over another. Entar’s personal dogma promotes humble service to one’s fellow man as his way to enlightenment. He believes that all the paths are intertwined, and each has something unique to offer.

Kundarak – Metal

Kundarak is the dead god, and as such he has no known philosophy or dogma. During the long war he was said to be a a formidable and just warrior. There are numerous cults of Kundarak throughout the world. All the people have to go on are the chronicles and histories of his life. Many of the cults adopt strange codes of honor and conduct.

The new gods

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