The Long War

The long war is a string of ongoing conflicts between the Jori, led by the old gods, and the Vark with the help of the dregs. Conflicts often spanned upwards of 100 years before they died down for an equal amount of time.

In the first offensive of the long war the Vark took over the continent of Nestor and created the storm wall, a natural barrier of impassable ocean. They chose Nestor because it was small, isolated, and only populated by those who would be called dregs. The dregs were men who had not been elevated to Jori. They were considered lower class because they were not favored by the gods. They were easily swayed by the Vark.

The Vark lead attacks out of the storm wall in attempts to provoke the gods to join the battle. The Vark were cunning and acted with one mind and purpose. They laid waste to the unsuspecting Jori, who were as of yet untested in battle. The old gods remained complacent, content to let the Jori and their emissaries handle the threat.

The Vark’s second attack came shortly after. They attacked and looted holy places, and corrupted the ether gates.

The old gods spent much of their time on the defensive, aiding the Jori but letting them do all the fighting. They could not enter Numos Vol because the Vark had tainted the ether gates, the pathways between worlds. The Old Gods created powerful guardians to protect their holy sites and to guard the ether gates.

During the times in between the Vark incursions the dregs infiltrated the Jori society, inciting chaos and unrest. As time went on the dregs, even the loyal ones, began to be distrusted and persecuted.

Many of the dregs began disappearing. Stories circulated of dregs throwing themselves into the sea, never to be seen again.

As the population of dregs dwindled the Jori population rose. Especially skilled Jori were singled out by the gods and elevated to avatars. Avatars were ageless, resistant to diseases and only a step down from the emissaries in rank. Through the centuries the most powerful avatars birthed the bloodlines. Since they didn’t age they could become the patriarchs and matriarchs of powerful blood families.

The Avatars were tested time and time against armies of dregs and Vark. With each attack the enemy brought new powers and abominations. In kind the Jori grew stronger, and more skilled at manipulating kae.

The old gods looked upon the world with lament in their eyes. They saw the escalating conflicts would soon lead to the destruction of Kaelus itself. It was the destruction of Orradech that finally convinced them they must take action.

The old gods set out for Nestor to confront the enemy. For 70 days and 70 nights they were gone. The Jori had been commanded to stay out of the conflict, but still some disobeyed, setting out to cross the storm wall, never to be seen again.

When they returned, the old gods declared the threat of the Vark and the dregs had been ended. They would not speak of the Vark or the dregs fate other than to forbid the Jori from crossing the storm wall, for beyond was now the land of the dead. Since that time the Dregs and the Vark have lead no attacks on the people of Kaelus.

Vark Create the Stormwall (971 AG)
Vark’s First Attack (991 AG)
Attack on Ether Gates (1023 AG)
Dreg disappearances(1106AG-1260AG)
Avatars Created (1298 AG)
Destruction of Orradech (1723 AG)
Gods leave for the Stormwall (1725 AG)
Long War Ends (1725 AG)

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The Long War

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