The Jori Wars

The Jori’s oppression in Phyrosia did not end with the fall of the empire. Jori were still treated as third class citizens, even below the bloodless. With the new pact the Ionea would often send Jori into conflicts and disavow any connection. The situation was volatile. The jori had power, but were oppressed by those who saw themselves as their superiors.

One man, a bloodless Jori named Davian Coneherst, united the Jori in revolt. He and his men executed a group of Phyrosians intent on collecting more than taxes from a poor village. Davian became a figurehead for the Jori resistance in Phyrosia. Time and time again he single-handedly defeated powerful Ionea in battle with just a sword. He carved out over half of the Phyrosian empire and renamed it the Jori Republic, a place of safety and acceptance for the Jori.

The Jori Republic was not part of The Pact. The clans of Gral took this opportunity to teach the Jori their place. Davian, aware of the clans intentions, took a small cadre of warriors and met the Clan war host outside of the ruins of Orradech. Davian challenged the leader of the Clans, a towering man who they simply called Warrior, to single combat. If he won, the Clans would halt their invasion, allowing the Jori to appeal to the other Ionea for acceptance into the Pact.

The Warrior made short work of Davian, disarming him, taunting him, and beating him bloody. On his knees, with the Warrior standing above him Davian screamed out to the old gods, claiming they had abandoned the Jori and left them at the mercy of The Nine. Out of nowhere a shining sword appeared in Davians hand. Davian stood, his body whole and unblemished, and beheaded the gaping Warrior. The onlookers were stunned. Stories spread, claiming that Davian was a messenger of the old gods come to punish the Ionea.

The Jori Republic was unanimously accepted into the The Pact.

Davian Defends the weak (2761 AG)
Jori Republic Founded (2775 AG)
‘Warrior’ defeated, Jori accepted into the new Pact (2776 AG)
Present time (2852 AG)

The Jori Wars

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