The Breaking

After the war was over the old gods raised the nine most faithful of their Avatars to godhood. They had protected the Jori through the long war, and now they would protect Kaelus. The old gods immortalized the new gods bloodlines. Those with divine bloodlines were called Ionea.

But why raise new gods, when the old gods themselves were there to protect Kaelus? A few years after the nine were raised the old gods disappeared. Their emissaries claimed their presence had just vanished.

The new gods assured the people that the old gods would return someday. They had left Entar with the Vias Endochan, a holy book filled with prophecy and laws of conduct. Entar’s bloodline formed the Order of Endochan, a group of priests who would spread the words of the Vias Endochan to the world.

The book was well received but each bloodline interpreted it slightly differently. The Kozarians , however, claimed that the Vias Endochan was not the true writing of the old gods but a fabrication of Entar to promote peace among the people. The Vias was widely accepted and the Kozarian’s disbelief coupled with their worship of death prevented them from adapting to the post war society. The Kozarians retreated to their mountain monasteries to worship Tomar.

Once united by the old gods the Jori and Ionea split and factions began to form around bloodlines. These factions grew into nations, with the Ionea as the ruling class.

New gods raised (1730 AG)
Old gods Disappear and order of Endochan formed (1743 AG)

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The Breaking

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