The Bleak Times

Of all the nations Phyrosia grew the quickest. It’s influence spread across the land like wildfire. Phyrosians were adept at building quickly and efficiently. The Phyrosians subjugated the Jori and used them as slave labor. Through economic and political maneuvering the neighboring nation of Zennia became a mere puppet state under their control. The Phyrosian nation soon became an empire.

With great wealth comes great hubris. The first emperor of Phyrosia claimed he was the incarnation of Zoar and his rule was by divine right. The emperor named himself Zorrander and proclaimed himself up as the central religious figure of the nine. The Endochanian priests objected, but there was little they could do in the face of Phyrosia’s military and economic power.

One of the most important tenants of the Order of Endochan was the purity of blood. The divine bloodlines were set apart, and above the other Jori and interbreeding was strictly forbidden. The people of Phyrosia, filled with arrogance, had not obeyed the tenants of Endochan. They had allowed the interbreeding of Ionea, in hopes to create a master race. Their efforts instead birthed aberrations. The Emperors of Phyrosia conducted experiments in secret and hid the existence of these Other Races and even used them secretly against other nations.

Over time word of these creatures escaped. The order began rallying support to stop these atrocities against the gods from being created. When the the Phyrosians actively began using these creatures to bolster their army the other Ionea reacted by conducting experiments of their own. It seemed that the world would plunge into war once more.

With the help of Zennian Ionea the Order of Endochan staged a coup d’etat, disarming the situation. The creatures were hunted down and killed and the order called all the Ionea to a meeting.

Zorrander I names himself mouthpiece of the gods (2016 AG)
Fall of the Zorrander Empire (2549 AG)
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The Bleak Times

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