The Betrayal

During the time of the gifting the gods offered the remaining Vark the opportunity to join their brethren in Numos Zol, the paradise they had created for their kind. To the old gods surprise the Vark requested to stay in Kaelus. They enjoyed living on Kaelus. The old gods were divided. The Vark had been faithful in the past but did not wish to honor their agreement. After some deliberation they allowed the Vark to stay.

The gods act of charity would be their downfall. As time passed the Vark became reclusive and secretive. Envy grew in their hearts. They coveted the power of Kae that had been granted to mankind and longed for the power themselves. They began to sew dissension among men not granted the status of Jori and blasphemed the gods.

The Old gods tried to reason with the Vark. Kae was something only their children could control, for their bodies and minds were uniquely suited to control it. Ultimately they were forced to banish the Vark to Numos Zol.

Unfortunately this only spread the envy and hatred to the rest of the Vark. The Vark, once gentle creatures of grey skin and kind eyes began to change. Their bodies began to blacken to the color of soot and their eyes turned red with hate. Horns and barbs grew from their spine and back. Voices once melodious and wise turned harsh and raspy. The Vark returned to Kaelus intent on tearing the Old gods from their place on high.

Vark request to stay (1 AG)
Vark Banishment (557 AG)

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The Betrayal

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