The skill for bringing objects comprised of kae into existance. It is also useful for summoning creatures of the elements.

  • Attack Summoning is not an attack skill
  • Defend Summoning cannot be used to defend.
  • Overcome Summoning can create things that can overcome obstacles.
  • Create an advantage Summoners use their skills to create new scene aspects. These aspects take the form of summoned elements. This check can be opposed if you are trying to summon something on or around a moving object.

What kinds of things can you summon?

Everyday Items: Weapons, armor, tools etc. These items function just like the original but are translucent and colored the same color as the users kae.

Barriers : Stationary obstacles made of an element. See Using kae skills

Elemental Constructs: Animated skeletons, creatures made of pure kae, clones made of light. Elemental constructs take time and practice to create. All constructs are kae powers. To create an elemental construct you need a focus. A handful of bird feathers to make a flaming bird, the jawbone of a dog to make a faithful hound. You need some part of a creature for the kae to use as a template for creating the new creature. These creatures have some kind of sentience but can be controlled directly with mastery check.


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