Sons of Gral

Ghoral is the warrior god. He was the first among gods in Long War. Ghoral had an honor guard of the five most elite warriors who were his favored sons. The sons of Ghoral’s battle reputation was unmatched. Other warriors called them the hand of god. True to this name Ghoral was the first to be gifted with godhood. After the breaking his warriors broke into five distinct clans, each believing they were the truest representation of Ghoral. The clans constantly battle each other for the right to live in the ruins of Ghoral’s capital, Gral. So much so that the greater world has taken to calling them the sons of Gral based off their obsession with this goal.

In clan society there are 2 classes: Warriors and workers. Every warrior is a Ionea with a divine bloodline. Warriors believe they are the apex of creation. They eschew mundane weapons and fully embrace the use of Kae in every aspect of their life. Workers are not despised, but simply though of as lesser people. A workers only aspiration is to be gifted with a warrior son or daughter. All clansmen are tall and well muscled with light eyes and light colored hair.

Energy Kae is a physical manifestation of kenetic energy.


Element: Energy – White Kae
Common Aspects: Stubborn, Aggressive, Ritualistic

  • Blood of Ghoral
    Passive Effect: Tireless – So long as you have any points in your kae pool you do not need to sleep.
    Invoke for: Stubborn – Invoke when someone tries to dissuade you from pursuing a course of action.
    Compel for: Arrogance – You never believe there is a physical situation beyond your capacity to overcome.

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Sons of Gral

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