Of all the Ionea the people of Phyrosea are the most proud and noble. Their god Zoar granted them the greatest power of all. Phyrosian’s wield the power of fire and revere the eternal circle of creation and destruction that epitomizes their god. Phyroseans are fiercely loyal to their family and their nation, impatient those who are not in their inner circle, and often short tempered. You can tell a Phyrosean by their bronze skin, thick dark or red hair, and short stature.

The Phyrosean nation is ruled by the royal family. Dukes and Barons are first cousins, governors and other officials are more distant relatives. Interdependent artisans, merchants and the peasant class live wholesome lives and cherish their place in society.


Element: Fire – Red Kae
Common Aspects: Impatient, Short Tempered, Loyal

  • Blood of Zoar
    Passive Effect: Hot temperatures within the normal range do not bother the character.
    Invoke for: Inner Circle- Those with the blood of Zoar have a small group of trusted friends and family members. The Blood of Zoar can be invoked for any action that puts the needs of a circle member before the needs of the character.
    Compel for: Temper – The blood can be compelled to loose ones temper and act rashly when anyone not in the character’s inner circle offends or attacks an inner circle member.

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