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Afther Nolumus left his emissaries guarded the ether gates which lead to the Methanine, Numos Zol, and allowed faster travel across the world. The emperor Zorrander VII wanted the ether gates for himself. In an effort to mix his bloodline with the emissaries the gargoyles were born. Grotesque creatures with leathery wings and inhuman faces. Daylight renders them into stone statues. The curse could not remove their sense of purpose and duty however. These creatures still guard the ether gates.

Amazonian warrior cat by h a y l d2zqiqz

Cat Amazons of Shodor

This tribe of cat people live deep in the jungle of Shodor in the ruins of a Vark temple. Like all the beast men they were once Jori but were cursed with a twisted tongue and bestial forms by the old gods for their blasphemy during the old war. The amazons are ritually hunted by the Shigure clan.

Other Races

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