Order of Endochan

When the old gods left, Entar, the god of wisdom and peace, sent the Vias Endochan to his people. Out of this divine book came The Order of Endochan. They are the mediators; the first priests. Throughout the ages the Order has protected the people. All Endochanians are born into the order and serve the order to some extent. The order exists within all nations, although in some nations it retains more control than others. Endochanians are often given positions as judges and magistrates as they are unbiased and objective.

Entar is the god of wisdom and peace. In the Methanine he seeks to bring all the gods together in harmony.


Element: Force – Translucent Kae
Common Aspects: Secretive, Wise,

  • Blood of Entar
    Passive Effect: Surety of Movement: You are not hindered or unbalanced by uneven terrain, natural winds, earthquakes.
    Invoke for: Trust – Invoke for any action involving the veracity of your word.
    Compel for: Secrets – You like to limit the amount of information that is unnecessarily shared. Compel to keep important information secret.

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Order of Endochan

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