Nation of Zennia

Celestia formed the college of Zennia as a resource for all Jori to study Kae. The first college was erected at Enestban during the long war. The college’s purpose was practical: To teach Jori the art of manipulating kae so they could defeat the Vark. The college was very popular and soon other colleges coalesced across the world. Celestia’s colleges expanded their breadth to include mundane subjects, religious teachings, and the arts.

During the time of breaking tensions grew between the Ionea. The Order of Endochan became the new purveyors of knowledge and wisdom. Bloodless and Ionea alike flocked to their temples, eager to learn the Vias Endochan. The Zennian’s felt slighted. Their libraries were abandoned. While they welcomed the knowledge of the Vias Endochan many believed that their knowledge was just as important.

The Zennian nation was rebuilt by a group of displaced librarians who turned their knowledge to profit. Economics, mathematics, and engineering fueled their rapid growth. Knowledge was their power. The Zennian’s knowledge was still sought by one group. The Phyrosians all but took over the nation of Zennia during the The Bleak Times. At first the Zennian’s did not resist the partnership. Phyrosia had the manpower and Zennia had the knowledge. It was a logical business relationship. Phyrosia abused that relationship and took advantage of the Zennian’s lust for knowledge.


Estenban was originally a city of marble pillars and bronze accents. Art and function blended beautifully. In the center of the city stood the Celestian University, visible from nearly anywhere in the city. The Phyrosian occupation destroyed the logical layout and installed great monuments to their emperor. Once the whole city was clean and orderly. Now only the most central parts resemble the Esteban of ages past. The University is closed off to the poor. The city is divided into districts, each poorer than the last.


Oligarchy. Ruled by a council of Aristocrats. These Aristocrats each, in turn, are guild masters. In Zennia you must be part of a guild to work. Cities are ruled by the most wealthiest merchant, as assigned by the council.


3 Million Bloodless. 25,000 Ionea


Main Exports: Gold, silver, platinum, Orichalcum, copper, gemstones, fish

Major Cities

Enestban Capital: Population 25,000
Hapheios Population 10,000
Cheylios Population 8500

Local Customs

Zennians love tests of knowledge, debates, and public displays of wealth. Often disputes are resolved with bouts of riddles, word puzzles, etc. The most intelligent person is the right one.

Prominent Figures and Organizations

Nation of Zennia

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