Nation of Phyrosia

The Phyrosian nation dates back to the long war. Zoar was one of the first avatars. During the long war he was called “The Eternal King”. Phyrosia is a massive nation, filled with intense nationalism. The Kings, Barons, and counts are responsible for their people, and each rules a swath of Phyrosia. Outsiders are often treated with distrust, but are legally protected until they break the law.


The Capital of Al’tsamac was built on a bluff overlooking Lake Grethmist and surrounded by the Ashmere woods. Over the ages the bluff has been carved with monuments to heroes past. Atop the bluff is a sprawling grey castle named ‘Bane’ because of it’s continual rebuff of Vark and Dreg forces. Bane can be seen day and night from 50 miles away because of it’s flame topped towers. Legend says the flames will burn until the return of the old gods.


After the fall of the Phyrosian Empire the Feudal Monarchy was restored. Phyrosia is divided into 13 fiefs each ruled by a Baron. These Barons dole the land out to local Lords who directly control the land.


7 Million bloodless, 30,000 Ionea


Phyrosia’s main exports are wood and ore.

Major Cities

Al’tsamac, Population 60,000
Marinsk, population 20,000
Taberda, population 15,000
Vologaurd, population 9000
Marbleiron, population 8500

Local Customs

Fire Festivals: Phyrosians form non biological families and rites of passage are often preformed at Fire festivals that are held on a monthly basis. These festivals are used to resolve conflicts. They represent rebirth, the eternal circle, and the ever-flame.

Prominent Figures and Organizations

Nation of Phyrosia

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