Nation of Irosia

Picon believed that light was a blessing that brought enlightenment. To understand light is to understand truth. No place more exemplified this than the land of Irosia: Massive plateaus a midst a see of mist. The ascent to the top of a pillar became a metaphor for enlightenment for the dwellers in the midst. Those closest to enlightenment lived above the mist, while the others strive to make the ascent.

Irosia was the least impacted region during the long war. The mists are dangerous to travel without a guide and the plateaus are well protected. Irosia is bounded by the the Jungles of Aziack to the north, the Seaspray mountains to the west, and the Fjordlands to the south. The jungles are uninhabitable, and the mountains are barley traversable. Most of Irosian interaction with the outside world comes through the Children of Konchi who inhabit the Fjordlands.


Xion sits atop the largest plateau in the



2 Million Bloodless. 25,000 Ionea


Major Cities

Xion 22,000

Local Customs

Prominent Figures and Organizations

Nation of Irosia

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