The Kozarians are perhaps the most feared among the Ionea. Pale skinned with white, black, or no hair, red eyes, and bodies often covered in tattoos. Most of the Kozarians live high up in the mountains and favor the stillness of the cold air and lack of life in the mountains. Every Kozarian has some aversion to life. The movement, the growth, and the heat irritate them. Tomar is the god of time and death. He is the only god to see his powers and the immortality he was granted as master of them as a curse. Kozarians are philosophical and metaphysical. They are more concerned with eternal meaning that social inequality or suffering. Many Kozarians have come to the realization that enlightenment cannot be found on top of the mountain and travel the world in search of wisdom.

Kozarian death priests seek control over their emotions and body. They are those who have looked into the void that is Tomar and come away at least partially sane. These Kozarians with divine bloodline believe that only by mastering their power can they understand their curse.

Some have confused the priests power with that of the power over ice and cold. Kozarians pull their power from the world around them, gaining strength, and instilling death and decay. As they leech the energy from the world all becomes still and cold.


Element: Entropy- Black Kae
Common Aspects: Pragmatic, Stoic, uncompromising

  • Blood of Tomar
    Passive Effect: Unaffected by all natural ranges of cold.
    Invoke for: Destroy – Not to fight or hurt, destroy. There are only absolutes.
    Compel for: Callous- You are particularly disdainful of emotional displays.

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