Katta’Kiar is less of a nation and more of a loose affiliation of nomadic clans. They call themselves the Kiarians (the singers) but the name Katta’Kiar (wandering song) is used to describe the land they live in. Katta’Kiar is a land of wandering oasis’ in a rough and untamed desert. The Kiarian’s god Genova is a god of chaos and trickery. It is said she banished her people to this place as punishment for a long forgotten failure. The Kiarians have come to love their wandering life

In the center of the Kiarian land is a great uninhabited city. The Kiarian prophecy says that if an oasis ever appears in the city that it would never leave and their sin would be forgotten. The oasis would spread across Katta’Kiar and devour the desert. Because of this there is always one clan that lives in the city, in what is called the time of resting. All the other clans provide provisions for whatever clan is honoring the time of resting, and awaiting the arrival of the last oasis.

Kiarians are the first nation to accept the Joci as equals. The Kiarian’s free spirit often comes into conflict their society’s strict traditions. They are bound by rules as punishment but not every man accepts Genova’s punishment. Their ebony skin and dark hair are distinctive. In many cultures having a Kiarian friend is said to be a good omen.

Kiarians pass their history down through oral traditions. Every inflection, and change in tone is repeated perfectly from singer to singer.

Genova granted the Kiarians the power of sound to keep them company in their nomadic wanderings. It is said a Kiarian can heal or kill with a single word, and a Kiarian funeral song can leave an outsider weeping for years.


Element: Sound – Orange Kae
Common Aspects:Accepting, Nomadic, Perceptive

  • Blood of Genova
    Passive Effect: Directed Voice. You can speak so only your intended target hears you. Your voice is also not impeded by any interference.
    Invoke for: Friendship – Invoke during casual social situations when trying to make a new friend.
    Compel for: Chaos – Compel to act in an unexpected way during scripted, ritualistic, or routine social situations not of Kiarian origin.

Darkwood vigilant by jason engle


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