Jori Republic

The Jori Republic is the youngest of the nations on Kaelus. It’s existence was acknowledged only after the Jori fought their Phyrosian oppressors in the Jori war. The Republic is a vast nation in theory, but in practice is a coalition of self ruling provinces. During the


Coneherst city was originally named Sonovia and was the temple city of Mintar. When the old gods left the world Sonovian ruler ship remained with the emissaries until the Phyrosian Empire arrived. The Pyrosians particularly disliked the emissaries, seeing their divine heritage as a threat to the Empire and specifically created unjust laws in order to convict the emissaries of crimes with death penalties. All signs of Mintar were removed from the city. The people renamed the city Coneherst City in honor of Davian Coneherst. The city is the capital of the Delostur Province but also capital of the Republic as a whole.

Coneherst City straddles the Shasa’aan River. The city’s center was built directly above the river. The docks are called Sasha’s Hollow by the locals. Many of the Kae powered lights that were installed in the tunnel when the Old Gods created the dity have gone out or been destroyed. There is a saying in Coneherst city, “It’s always night in Sasha’s Hollow”.


Republic. Each Province has a Lord and a representative. The representative is elected by the people. The Lord is assigned by the representatives and rules for life. The republic of representatives handles all inter-province law and trade. It also maintains and patrols the roads. The republic is housed in the Delostur Province at Coneherst city. Each province in turn has it’s own laws and customs.


17 Million Bloodless. 150,000 Jori


There are very few things that aren’t produced in the Jori Republic. Grain and produce are the most prevalent due to the large tracts of farm land.

You can reference each province specifically for more detailed economics.


Delostur Province

Province Population: 3 Million

Capital: Coneherst City
Population 75,000

Rodusk Province

Province Population: 2 Million

Capital: Aylesbridge

Delios Province

Province Population: 2 Million

Capital: Steelbank
Population: 45,000

Hanao Province

Province Population: 2 Million

Capital: Westerlight
Population: 33,000

Tai’drao Province

Province Population: 2 Million

Capital: Roth’sami
Population: 25,000

Sleash Province

Province Population: 2 Million

Capital: Madnorth
Population: 22,000

Emirak Province

Province Population: 2 Million

Capital: Folkechester
Population: 19000

Rothwar Province

Province Population: 1 Million

Capital: Gloubury
Population: 14,000

Strunati Province

Province Population: 1 Million

Capital: Brentwick
Population: 10,000

Local Customs

In general the Jori hold to the old ways as much as they can. The Jori Republic is plagued with esoteric cults and strange traditions. The government lets them be unless they break the law.

Prominent Figures and Organizations

Jori Republic

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