The Jori are those with the talent of Kae in their bloodline but who’s bloodline is not divine. Jori live on the promise of paradise for heroic deeds and purity of spirit.

When you choose a Jori bloodline you can either pick one or two bloodlines at a cost of 1 refresh each or roll twice on the table at the cost of 1 refresh.

Roll Result
1-3 Emissary, Roll Additional D3 to determine which
4-7 Lost Bloodline, Roll Additional D4 to determine which
8-14 Weak Bloodline, Roll Additional D10 to determine which
15-17 Altered, Roll Additional D3 to determine which
18-19 Mysterious, Roll Additional D6 to determine which
20 Roll 2 more times on the table

NOTE: Many of these bloodlines do not give access to the full list of Kae skills. In situations where you don’t get the full list your Kae skills reside in the same pyramid as your mundane skills.




Emissary of the Elder Gods

The elder gods granted the Ionea their powers, and raised the most faithful of the Ionea to godhood as a reward for their service during the long war. Before this, during the Godtime, the Elder gods created Emissaries to act on their behalf. Emissaries were granted extraordinary powers to facilitate their function. When the old gods left the emissaries were left without purpose. Some worked for the new gods but not all. Only the old gods could grant the power of an emissary and they were so few that their power slowly waned from generation to generation. Echos of that power exist among the Jori.

Emissary of Mintar(Justice)
Skills: Focus, Evocation, Enhancement
Description: Emissaries of Mintar kept the peace. Before the Gifting they were the most powerful entities on Kaelus. They smote dissidents with unholy power, and called judgment upon the unfaithful. Emissaries of Mintar often resolved disputes and possessed the power to see through lies.
Invoke: Divine Command. You carry authority like a mantle about you. Others find it hard to resist your commands.
Compel: The High Road. You adhere to a strict moral code of justice and expect others to also. You cannot avoid this compel while in emissary form.

Cost: 1 Fate point
Duration: 1 Scene
Skill Benefits: Willpower 4, Investigation 3, One Handed weapons,Two Handed Weapons, Marksmanship are all raised to the highest of the group.
Passive: Justice Armor: When you enter this form your body is encased in ethereal armor. This armor replaces your current armor. You choose what kind of armor it is. Justice armor is immune to the effects of piercing.
Power: Summon Weapon: You can summon a magical weapon as an action. The weapon has a rating of 3 regardless of what type of weapon it is. If you’re disarmed or dropped the weapon disappears but you can summon another as an action. If the weapon has or is ammunition you do not run out.

Emissary of Moira (Fate)
Skills: Focus, Divination, Enchantment
Description: Emissaries of Moria acted as advisers and guides for the people. Moria gave them the power to see events before they happened and read the fate an individual.
Invoke: everything has a purpose. You excel and seeing patterns of causality and determining probable outcome.
Compel: The chaos factor. you never do anything randomly and are unable to leave anything to chance. This often leads to over thinking a situation. You cannot avoid this compel while in emissary form.

Cost: 1 Fate point
Duration: 1 Scene
Skill Benefits:
Passive: Anytime you spend a fate point to re-roll you add 2 more dice to the pool and discard the two lowest.
Power: Alter Threads. As an action choose a target. the next time the target rolls fate dice they add an additional die. You chose which 4 they keep. You can only have one alter threads effect active at any time.

Emissary of Nolumus (Travel)
Skills: Focus, Transmutation, Summoning
Description: Emissaries of Nomulus were tasked with surveying the land and delivering messages. During the Godtime Emissaries of Nomulus coordinated the people of the world.
Invoke: Invoke when an obstacle is preventing you from getting somewhere.
Compel: The next hill. You’re always curious to find some place new, to go somewhere new. You can’t stay in one place long. Sometimes this leads to dangerous or forbidden places, but that’s half the fun! You cannot avoid this compel while in emissary form.

Cost: 1 Fate point
Duration: 1 Scene
Skill Benefits: +3 Area Knowledge (whatever area you’re in) +4 Athletics
Passive: Wings! You can move 2 zones as part of an action or 4 zones as your action.
Passive: For the purpose of aiding others you are always considered to have average +1 in a skill.




Lost Bloodlines

Lost Bloodlines represent Jori bloodlines that somehow have not been weakened through time. The divine link the Ionea possess along with their refusal to interbreed with each other has kept their bloodlines strong. Those with the lost bloodlines seem to develop them without the same limits as those with divine bloodlines.



Hoshi – avatar of earth
Description: The old gods offered Hoshi a place in the methanine but he refused. How could he leave the land he had grown to love? Hoshi did no long for power. The war and his long life had left him weary of the world. He vowed to stay and protect the dark paths in the mountains from the return of the Vark. Jori often build temples to Hosi in the mountains praying for the avatar’s protection.
Skills: All Kae Skills
Invoke: Once you have set yourself to a path you cannot be easily swayed. Invoke to hold your ground.
Compel: Manners of a goat. You always tend to do the furthest thing from ‘propper’


Nix – avatar of shadow
Description: The Vark called Nix Pel Alan’Nash, “Bringer of the endless sleep”. The Jori called him Deathweaver. When he was not in Numos Zol assassinating Vark leadership, the Old Gods sent him against traitors. His very presence inspired awe among the other Jori. He spoke to the old gods as an equal and not a worshiper. When the Long War ended and the gates to Numos Zol were closed Nix was left on the other side. Over time the shadow bloodline did not weaken as all the other Jori bloodlines. The Jori believe that Nix stole into the Methanine and lurks their, waiting for the old gods to return so he can exact his revenge.
Skills: All Kae Skills
Invoke: Neither light nor dark: Others find it hard to get a reading on you. Invoke to muddy the waters.
Compel: Nothing is black and white. You always present and defend the other side of an argument.



Majar – avatar of nature
Description: Majar had a reputation for returning from the grave. Of all the avatars during the war her powers were the most mysterious. Plants grew in her wake, animals obeyed her command, and the forest around her came to her call. She was thought to have been destroyed with the city of Orradech, for she was never seen again. The Jori believe her spirit lingers, tied forever with the land.
Skills: All Kae Skills
Invoke: Invoke to understand the nature of something in the natural world.
Compel: Slave to Carnal desires. You have no control over your desire to copulate.








Kundarak – avatar of metal
Description: One of the most bitter rivalries during the long war was that of Gral and Kundarak. Though both fierce warriors and excellent leaders, their personalities often clashed. For centuries their rivalries boiled, but the Vark threat kept them united in cause. At the end of the war the Vark and their mankind allies staged a last desperate push against the city of Orradech. In one moment and a flash of light the whole city and the surrounding area was destroyed. Kundarak believed Gral could have stopped the attack. Before they had ascended Kundarak challenged Gral. Gral tore out Kundarak’s heart. Out of reverence for his duty and as a warning for the new gods to never fight the old gods brought Kundarak’s body to the methanine and left him in the care of Entar. Thus Kundarak is often referred to as the dead god.
Skills: All Kae Skills
Invoke: Master Craftsman. Invoke when making something of fine quality. Your hands were made to create.
Compel: Peace before steel. You always seek to reach a peaceful arrangement and try to avoid being drawn into a conflict.




Weak Bloodlines

When the old gods raised those they believed were the strongest to godhood they created a schism between the Jori. Those who’s bloodlines were chosen were elevated and named Ionea. Many of the Jori possessed the same powers as their Ionea brothers. Through time the Ionea bloodlines thrived and grew stronger and the equivalent Jori bloodlines diminished due to crossbreeding.

Jori with a weak bloodlines get access to all Kae skills but have a hard cap of 3 for all kae skills (this includes skills granted from other jori bloodlines, but does not include a skill chosen from the savant bloodline)

Ishtar Dervish of Fire (Fire)
Description: TBD
Invoke: Flair. Invoke when trying to look good while accomplishing a physical task.
Compel: Collateral damage. So long as you accomplish your goal you don’t care who or what gets hurt.

Osen the Thunderbolt (lightning)
Description: TBD
Invoke: competitor: you love to play games and try harder when something is a competition.
Compel: No challenge goes unaccepted. You are the best at everything you do, and you’ll make sure everyone else knows it, and acknowledges it.

Lucius the Necromancer (entropy)
Description: TBD
Invoke: anatomically correct. Invoke when identifying internal body parts, their uses, their condition etc.
Compel: Obsession with death. You have an unnerving obsession with death and no respect for the dead.

Casea the Storm Witch (Wind)
Description: TBD
Invoke: Invoke when your passion for something could inspire others into action.
Compel: Fickle mistress. Your emotions are like the sea and you often suffer from emotional outbreaks.

Xird the Inexorable (energy)
Description: TBD
Invoke: Deception’s Bane: Invoke when ferreting out the truth from someone who you believe is being deceptive.
Compel: To the letter. A man is his word and even the smallest lie is the gravest mistake.

Calia The Banshee (sound)
Description: TBD
Invoke: Your words are full of passion and conviction for what you believe in. Invoke when sharing your heart or promoting a cause.
Compel: Never let it go. Compel to hold a grudge, even for a minor slight.

Belfast the Blood Dancer (water)
Description: TBD
Invoke: Machinations. Invoke when subtly manipulating someone.
Compel: Never Submissive: You blatantly disregard or undermine orders given by others.

Alexia the Brutal Slayer(force)
Description: TBD
Invoke: Invoke when looking tough has an effect on an outcome.
Compel: Rub it in. You can’t just defeat someone. You have to take their defeat one step further.

Juvia the Usurper (Light)
Description: TBD
Invoke: Anarchy. Invoke to sow dissension among the ranks.
Compel: Conspiracy. You see secret plans in everything.




The Altered



Description: Skinforms alter the nature of their skin to to produce various effects replication those of beasts in nature. Chameleon skin, Scaly armor, poisonous touch, sure grip. Skinforms gain these abilities by metabolizing the skin of other creatures. As such skinforms often search out exotic creatures to harvest their skin.
Kae Skills: Focus, Transmutation
Passive: Manipulate Skin: Skinforms can change the shade of their skin at will. They can also reproduce tattoos, scars, and other identifying marks as an action.
Invoke: Mystify: You have a commanding and exotic presence.
Compel: Voracious: Your appetite is unparalleled and insatiable. You must put everything in your mouth. Every new taste is is a delicacy to add to your list.


Description: Some say the old gods created this bloodline as a punishment for those who rebelled against them, but many who have done nothing wrong are cursed with ‘demon’ blood. Demons often hide their nature and save their transformation for life or death situations. A transformed demons’ skin turns either red, black, blue or purple. They also grow horns, a tail and claws.
Passive: Master of lies. When rolling dice for the deceit skill you can flip 1 die from blank to a +.
Invoke: Corruption: Invoke when convincing someone to stray form their philosophy, moral code, or religion.
Compel: Compel to transform: You like to strike fear in the hearts of haughty kae users who think they’re better than everyone else.

Cost: 1 Fate point
Duration: 1 Scene
Skill Benefits: Intimidation 4 Athletics 4 Willpower 4 Unarmed 4
Passive: Kae Void: Kae powers have a harder time effecting you. You get +2 to defend against all Kae powers targeting you.
Power: Drain the Soul: Make an attack using the willpower skill to a kae user in your. Damage is done to kae points. If the target is reduced to 0 kae points you can choose a kae skill. They can not use the skill that turn.


Description: Shifters are creatures tormented by emotions from traumatic experiences (Fear, Rage, Sorrow, etc). These emotions are so powerful that they must be repressed for a Shifter to function normally. These repressed emotions eventually take on a life of their own.
Invoke: Dull pain: Shifters are used to mental trauma and are able to endure more mental punishment. Invoke to resist mental stress (except for stress caused by your repressed emotion).
Compel: Trauma. You are incapable of dealing with

Alter Ego. This transformation is highly individualistic. The Alter ego embodies the physical manifestation of the Shifter’s repressed feelings. Alter Egos seek to vent emotional feelings, often in violent displays. They seek to share and infect others with these feelings.
Cost: 1 Fate point
Duration: 1 Scene
Skill Benefits: Dependent. See GM
Passive: Dependent. See GM
Power: Dependent. See GM






Mysterious Bloodlines

The origins of these bloodlines are unknown.


Description: Your blood contains the knowledge of how to do one thing burned into it. When using the skill you pick as your savant skill you access all the knowledge of your ancestors.
Passive: Choose one skill. That skill exists out of the pyramid.
Special: You can choose to spend a refresh during a major milestone to increase this skill to 6 if it is already at 5. You can only do this once.
Invoke: Philosophy: This focus depends on the skill and philosophy. See the GM
Compel: Expert: Your reliance on this skill has made you one dimensional. If this skill could be used to resolve a problem you will use it even if it’s by far not the best choice.


Skills: Focus, Divination, Enchantment
Description: You can use the power of kae to read and talk into the minds of others.
Passive: You can talk to others in the same zone without exchanging words
Invoke: Connection: Your ability to delve into someone else’s psyche gives you a unique perspective on their life. If you have used your telepathy on them successfully at least 3 times you can invoke your connection to them on empathy tests to understand their motivations.
Compel: Insatiable Thirst: You hate it when people conceal information from you. Even the merest hint creates feelings of paranoia and curiosity.

Keen Senses

Skills: Kae Focus and enhancement
Description: You have the ability to use kae to increase this sense to superhuman function.
Invoke: 6th sense: You have an extra sensory ability to avoid harm.
Compel: Excess: You use your Kae to enhance your senses. The world seems bland without enhanced senses. You often find you need to kick things up a notch where your senses are concerned just to feel normal.


Kae Skills: Focus, Enhancement
Description: Aesthetics have bodies that naturally age slower. Their lifespan is generally two to 5 times as long as others. Their bodies are largely self sufficient; requiring little food or water. Aesthetics also possess resistances to diseases and poisons. An aesthetic’s body never ages physically. They die looking like they did in their prime.
Passive: Do not age. Live up to 500 years.
Invoke: Unflappable: You’re really not in a hurry, and you know
Compel: Beauty: Aesthetics appreciate beauty above all else. Compel to protect beautiful things, including themselves.


Kae Skills: None
Description: Individuals with the power of fading are quickly forgotten in the minds of others. Even after spending a whole day with one of the faded most people won’t remember them the next day. People will remember having conversations or interactions but not remember anything about the faded.
Passive: Characters must pass an Empathy epic (+7) overcome action to remember you.
Invoke: First impressions: You have lots of experience in this and have no problem making first impressions.
Compel: Third best friend: Faded have a hard time forming bonds with other people. Compel look out for yourself above all others.



Skills: Focus and Summoning
Description: Collectors are an odd breed. Collectors form bonds with small objects. Any object a collector has a bond with he can duplicate. The duplicates are identical to the original object. The duplicates are not permanent and will fade into mist after a few hours.
Passive: You can use a kae point to create any object that you are bonded to. Bonding requires holding the object for at least one minute. You can bond up to 10 objects at one time. More complex objects with inner workings require a summoning check to create. Created objects last for 8 hours.
Invoke: Handy: you excel at tasks that require tools to perform and you’re able to learn to use new tools quickly. Invoke this aspect when you have the right tool for an overcome action.
Compel: More things: You have a bad habit of collecting small objects, trinkets, and ‘useful’ things. This often leads to being overburden, distracted from a task, or in some cases ‘borrowing’ of things.


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