The land beyond the mist is inhabited by the Irosians. Their ornate castles built upon towering plateaus like islands floating above the mists. They are connected by marvelous bridges at various levels of the plateau. Only the richest merchants and well to do families live at the top. The lower classes live lower on the pillars among the mists. Irosia is a wealthy nation that produces all sorts of exotic spices, dyes, and fabrics. Their craftsmen are able to produce the most intricate and beautiful works of art. Picon, goddess of beauty has granted the Irosians the power over light itself. Irosians are slender with strait dark hair, a honey skin tone, and large almond shaped eyes. They value beauty, possessions, and social standing. They employ subterfuge before brute force and cunning above intelligence.


Element: Light -Yellow Kae
Common Aspects: Secretive, Mysterious, paranoid

  • Blood of Picon
    Passive Effect: You can see well in any degree of light short of complete darkness.
    Invoke for: desirable – invoke in any action in which your visual appearance comes into play.
    Compel for: Excess – Something enjoyable is only more enjoyable when done in excess.

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