Focus represents Kae user’s ability to adapt and form Kae to a variety of uses. It also represents the Amount of Kae a user can tap into. Focus comes from the extended study and meditation on the nature of ones inner kae. Focus is not required in order to use Kae. Many kae users have very little or no Kae focus. These users are blunt instruments compared to the refined instrument that users with high focus are.

Each rank in the focus skill grants two Kae point. These points refresh at the beginning of each scene. Kae points can only be spent on kae powers.

Higher kae focus also allows you to increase the scope of your attacks Using Kae Skills

  • Attack : Focus is not a combat skill. It represents a proficiency and understanding of kae but cannot be used to attack.
  • Defend : Some attacks will directly attack your Kae point pool. These attacks can only be defended with the focus skill.
  • Overcome Focus cannot be used to overcome.
  • Create an advantage Focus cannot be used to create an advantage.


Meditative Ritual: During short rest go through a short ritual, spend a fate point, and gain 2 extra kae points above your maximum. These must be used in the next scene.

Draw Kae: As an action during a scene you can make a fair willpower check. Every degree of success grants you a kae point. This cannot take you above maximum kae points. you can do this once per scene

Burning aura: You draw in Kae to the point that it can potentially cause physical harm. The kae forms an aura of power around you. Add a number of kae to your kae pool (this must bring you over your kae point max by at least one). Make a physique test with a difficulty value of the amount of kae you gained. if you fail the test take a physical stress with a potency equal to the amount of kae you gained. You can use this once per scene.


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