Evocation is the preferred skill for combat, and is used for quick, usually forceful, expressions
of power. For more sustained effects, summoning and mastery are usually more appropriate, but what it lacks in duration and finesse, it makes up in speed and power.

  • Attack : Evocation is the ideal skill for attacking
  • Defend : Evocation focuses solely on using kae powers destructively and is not suited for defense.
  • Overcome : Unless you’re trying to physically damage something, Evocation is not a good skill for overcoming obstacles. It is ideal for overcoming barriers however.
  • Create an advantage : Evocation can be useful for creating advantages in combat. Weakening physical structures, kicking up dust storms, wetting the ground to make it slick.


The range of evocation attacks in one zone. You can target someone in your current zone and someone 1 zone further away.

Elemental properties

Fire – Fire excels at damaging unarmored foes. Fire deals its damage again the following round, unless it is over come by athletics.

Lightning – Lightning is particularly effective against armor metal. It has the armor piercing quality without the penalty to attack.

Water – When you attack with water you can choose to use liquid or solid. Liquid is +1 to hit but -2 dmg. Solid has the vicious quality, +1 dmg vs unarmored foes.

Air – Air evocation attacks can hit targets 2 zones away.

Force – Force powers have no special properties but benefit from more versatile maneuvers.

Entropy – Entropy has APx2 (-4 armor, -2 to use) can only effect targets in the same zone.

Energy – Defending against an energy attack with physique or blocking with a shield incurs a -1. It’s difficult to stop a powerful force.

Sound – Sound dissipates quickly. Sound deals -1 damage if the target is not in the same zone. Sound damage is also distracting and requires a fair skill check (based on the weapon) to avoid dropping the weapon to cover your ears.

Light – Light evocation is hard to see coming and thus hard to avoid in areas with ample light. Using athletics to defend against a light attack in areas with normal or bright light incurs a -1 penalty. Light evocation also deals more or less damage depending on the ambient light. -1 poor or no lighting/+1 for areas of bright light.


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