Enchantment is the ability to use kae to directly effect another person. Enchantment is not used to directly damage someone physically. Enchantment effects include illusions, charms, fear, other malign effect. An enchanter essentially turning a target’s body against itself.

  • Attack Enchantments can be used to cause mental stress instead of physical stress. It can be resisted with enchantment, Willpower, or dispelling.
  • Defend An enchanter knows the subtitles of his art and this knowledge can also protect from the tricks of other enchanters.
  • Overcome Enchantment is generally not used in overcome actions
  • Create an advantage Enchantment is ideal for creating advantages on opponents.

What can I do with this skill.

Mental Attack: You attack the targets sense of self dealing mental stress.

Attack senses: This creates a scene aspect on a target as an over come action. The aspect is tied to one of the targets senses. (ex everything smells burnt, Illusionary foe, Uncontrollable itch)


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