Clans of Gral

During the Long War Ghoral bred an army of warriors. He was fanatical about the ‘popper’ spreading of his seed. He would only mix his bloodline with those who proved themselves in combat. Ghoral’s army was defined as Disciplined, Minimalistic , and Proud. They were the favored warriors of of the Old Gods, and they proved their prowess again and again.

The fall of Orradech was a hammer blow that splintered the army. Ghoral’s pride prevented him from calling the loss a defeat. Instead he boasted of his plans to invade Nestor. Unfortunately the Old Gods actions denied him his vengeance. With the war over, and Ghoral’s ascension to godhood the clans were left without leadership.

Hope came through the Vias Endochan. Ghoral teachings claimed that his warriors must remain vigilant. The driving focus of the clans is Ghoral’s prophecy. It reads that only the bearer of the hand of god is worthy to sit on the throne of fate and command the eternal army. The Clans believe they are the eternal army and that the hand of god refers to the gauntlet the Old Gods forged for Ghoral but was lost in the fall of Orradech. The throne of fate is a locked room in the highest tower of Gral where the emissaries gathered to commune with Moria.


Gral is one of the grandest cities in all of Kaelus. It was the Temple City of Moria, goddess of fate. It’s fluted towers and impossible bridges reach out of the crystal forest, forever striving to reach heaven. It’s white walls once reflected the moonlight like the clearest lake, creating a glow that lit the city at night. Gral, with all it’s grandeur, is barren. The city sits silent, it’s walls covered vine and root, awaiting it’s rightful heir. The clans have battled for claim of the city, but in the time since Ghoral’s ascension none has met the requirements.


Each of the five clans is a separate entity. Each is ruled by a clan chief; the strongest and wisest warrior. Each clan is divided into numerous Septs. Each Sept is like a smaller version of the clan. The Sept chiefs are beholden to the clan chief.


4 Million 100,000 Ionea


Rice, Cocoa, Salt, exotic fruits, Cactus


Shio Clan

Clan Population: 1 Million
Capital: Kosudo
Population: 60,000

Kensei Clan

Clan Population: 900,000
Capital: Sawada
Population: 46000

Apachai Clan

Clan Population: 800,000
Capital: Takata
Population: 40,000

Akisame Clan

Clan Population: 600,000
Capital: Murozumi
Population: 43,000

Shigure Clan

Clan Population 500,000
Capital: Ichibuura

Local Customs

The clans are a warrior society so many of their customs revolve around tests of strength and skill. The clans often gather to pit their strength against each other. Feuds are common. Weapons are looked down upon as the ‘tools of the bloodless’. Outlanders, unless they are merchants, are hunted down. Those who survive the clans’ tests are not harmed, but also closely watched.

Prominent Figures and Organizations

Clans of Gral

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