Children of Konchi

Konchi, goddess of the winds, favored of sailors. Those blessed with the blood of Konchi have no nation and therefore no rules. They were driven from the land by the Phyroseans and now live on the sea on massive boats. These ancient vessels crawl across the sea, carrying cargo, people and news. The howling isles were once one island before they were was split by an earthquake and now exist as a jagged set of islands with twisting straits and exposed cliffs. The children make their home there but few stay forever. The call of the wind is too much. There is always some new place to visit or new adventure to be had. If there is a purpose to it all only Konchi knows, and maybe, if you listen close enough, she’ll share her secrets.


Element: Wind – Green Kae
Common Aspects: Free Willed, adventurous , Superstitious

  • Blood of Konchi
    Passive Effect: You never take damage from falling long distances so long as you’re conscious.
    Invoke for: Escape – the wind cannot be bound. Invoke for a bonus on any roll involving escaping.
    Compel for: Portents – There are never any coincidences. You read too much into even the smallest sign or vaguest prophecy.

Zephyr mage

Children of Konchi

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