Character Creation

1 Choose High Concept. See Fate Core

2. Choose Bloodline Aspect. The three options are Divine Bloodline, Jori, and Bloodless. These aspects change what access you have to skills and your starting refresh.

3. Name and Trouble. See Fate Core

4. Phase Trio. See Fate Core

5. Skills.

Mundane: Starting cap of +4 (campaign Cap of +5)
Kae: Starting cap of +3 (campaign Cap of +5)

Bloodless: 25 skill points. Cannot purchase Kae Skills. 5 refresh and 3 stunts to start with.
Jori: 21 skill Points. 10 skill points for kae skills if you have full access. otherwise kae skills are bought out of normal skill pyramid.
Ionea: 18 skill Points. 13 skill points for kae skills. Kae skills own skill pyramid.

6. Stunts and Refresh. All characters start with 2 stunts. Additional stunts can be bought at the cost of 1 refresh. Divine Bloodlines start with 2 refresh, Bloodless start with 5 refresh, and Jori start with either 2 or 1 refresh depending on their choices.

4. All characters start with an extra 2 shift stress box in both physical and mental.

Character Creation

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