Challenges, Contests and Conflicts

After a successful attack (one which produces a Scratch result or better), add the weapon’s rating, then subtract the armor’s rating.

For weapons, the weapon’s rating equates to the penalty to carry it concealed. For armor,the rating translates into a penalty for activities requiring full mobility.


Rating Examples
0 Unarmed
1 Knife, Small Club, Martial Arts Strike, shortbow, thrown weapons
2 Sword, Mace, Club
3 2 Handed Sword, Polearm, Bows
4 Ludicrously Oversized 2 Handed weapons, Heavy Crossbow


Rating Examples
0 None
1 Leather, Studded Leather
2 Chainmail, Ringmail
3 Partial Plate, Light Plate, Scale
4 Full Plate, A Wood Stove

Attack Attributes

Armor Piercing (AP) – Armor Piercing weapons reduce armor rating by 2, but are -1 to use. Extremely potent armor piercing weapons (APx2) reduce armor rating by 4, but suffer a -2 penalty.

Flexible (Flex) – Flexible weapons grant a +1 to maneuvers like disarms, but provide a -1 penalty in any fight where both parties have reasonable mobility.

Vicious (Vcs) – Vicious weapons are designed to rip and tear flesh, and increase their damage by 1 points. However, any armor greater than 0 is considered 2 levels higher against the attack. Vcsx2 weapons increase damage by 2 but improves existing armor by 4.

Locking (Lock) – Weapon locks to the userĂ­s gauntlet (or is part of it). As such, the weapon cannot be disarmed, but it also takes a -1 penalty to any maneuvers requiring finesse.

Challenges, Contests and Conflicts

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