Ancient liquid metal with wondrous properties


Aspect: The power of possibility.

You can invoke the power of possibility to create a scene aspect of your choosing, remove any consequence, resurrect the dead, create any object you can sufficiently describe, or give yourself
a supernatural aspect of your choosing that lasts for 1 day.


Quicksilver was a substance used by the old gods and emissaries to perform miraculous acts. Quicksilver has the ability to cure any wound, resurrect the dead, or grant supernatural abilities for a short period of time. Before the gifting quicksilver was used frequently by the emissaries, but it’s use declined drastically when the Jori were created.

When invoked to perform a task quicksilver jumps into action, seemingly with a life of it’s own. Quicksilver can perform almost any task asked of it, but it is restricted by it’s size.

The making of quicksilver is knowledge entrusted to the gods. It is still created and used but in much smaller quantities than during the Godtime. While the gods rarely take direct action in the affairs of the world they do seem to have some control over where quicksilver is found. Finding quicksilver is a sign that a god is watching you, and favors you.


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