Crystal Armor

Heavy armor made of growing crystals that absorbs kae attacks


Crystal armor is 4 rating armor.

Magic Resistant: Double this armor’s rating against Kae attacks.

Crystal armor starts every combat with the brittle aspect and 1 tag. This aspect cannot be removed.

Brittle: When you invoke this aspect instead of the normal +2 or re rolling you have a chance to damage the armor or destroy the weapon. The weapon/armor must roll an average +2 (based on weapon/armor rating). Weapons are destroyed, armor halves it’s rating rounded down.

Growing: At the end of each scene if crystal armor’s rating is less than 4 it gains 1 rating back.


Crystal armor is grown over a normal set of Light Plate armor made specifically for each owner. The crystals used to grow Crystal armor are found in Irosia. They are called crystal flowers because they grow into a shape of a flower but then only grow to repair damage done to them. The Irosians harvest the crystals just as they are forming and bond them to the armor.

Crystal Armor

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