Borean Steel Weapon

Magical Steel that radiates cold

weapon (melee)

Weapons and armor struck by Borean weapons become brittle.

When you succeed with style on an attack or defense with a borean weapon you create a special boost called brittle. If the armor or weapon already has brittle it gets tagged again (and won’t go away if it has any tags on it)

Borean weapons cannot gain brittle.

Brittle: When you invoke this aspect instead of the normal +2 or re rolling you have a chance to damage the armor or destroy the weapon. The weapon/armor must roll an average +2 (based on weapon/armor rating). Weapons are destroyed, armor halves it’s rating rounded down.


Borean steel is forged in Kozarian mountain-temples. The steel is forged in the funeral pyres of Kozarian Ionea, banishing their souls to the void. Kozarians believe that each soul sacrificed this way increases the size of the void in the Methanine and that if enough are sacrificed some day all will become void.

Borean steel is an abomination among the order as it represents a break from the religious teachings of the Vias Endochan. As such possessing a blade forges with Borean steel is illegal in most areas of the world.

Borean Steel Weapon

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