Blood Of Kundarak

Addictive elixir that transforms the user into an unstoppable bronze juggernaut


1 use item

Using grants the user the Juggernaut aspect for one scene. The users entire body undergoes a rapid metamorphosis. He becomes bigger, stronger, and bulkier. The entirety of his skin becomes bronze.

The Juggernaut aspect starts tagged and can be invoked anytime after taking the potion.
The wearers skin turns into armor 3 that does not reduce agility. The effect of piercing weapons are halved vs this armor.

Once the elixir wears off the user immediately takes the ‘Juggernaut withdraw’ mental consequence. This is a minor consequence (but may fill a major, severe, or extreme slot if the others are taken). If he already has this consequence the severity is increased. If the Juggernaut withdraw becomes an extreme consequence it is renamed hardened limb as a random limb becomes useless bronze. This limb can only be controlled while under the effect of the Blood of Kundarak.


The Blood of Kundarak is a sticky, red, sap like substance found in copper/tin deposits. Undiluted blood turns the drinker into a bronze statue. When diluted with whiskey it’s true properties are revealed.

This highly addictive substance is used by strange warrior cults and line breakers in the Phyrosian wars. It renders those who drink it highly resistant to all types of damage and as strong as 5 men.
Over exposure to the substance renders parts of the subjects body into a bronze like substance; Immobile and unfeeling. Extended use will slowly turn the users body to bronze. While under the effects of the blood of Kundarak, “hardened” body parts are once again mobile. Continued exposure after “hardening” renders the entire subject into a statue.

Blood Of Kundarak

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