Viper Cross

Born of silver hair and pale eyes, his expression is sober and his frame slender from fasting.


High Concept
A True Believer in the Power of Kae

Blind Faith in the Order

Blood of Entar
Keeper of Secrets


  • Attention to Detail
  • Grim Resolve
  • Secrets Live in Shadows

Mundane Skills

Superb (+5)

Great (+4)
Lore (Kae)

Good (+3)
Will, Investigation

Fair (+2)
One Handed, Two Handed

Average (+1)
Deceit, Physique, Rapport, Resources, Notice

Kae Skills

Superb (+5)

Great (+4)

Good (+3)
Focus, Summoning

Fair (+2)
Evocation, Mastery

Average (+1)
Transmutation, Divination, Enchantment, Prayer


Burning Aura – You draw in Kae to the point that it can potentially cause physical harm. The kae forms an aura of power around you. Add a number of kae to your kae pool (this must bring you over your kae point max by at least one). Make a physique test with a difficulty value of the amount of kae you gained. if you fail the test take a physical stress with a potency equal to the amount of kae you gained. You can use this once per scene.

Divine Focus – By gripping a pendant in the shape of Endochan’s divine emblem, and speaking a brief prayer, you may reduce the Kae cost by 1 of the Summoning and Evocation Skill when you attempt to increase its scope.


Viper’s sister Hazel was a missionary who made it her priority in life to better the lives of others. Intent on spreading that belief, she ventured off with others of the Order and never returned. Viper has held himself up to her example, but hoping for the best and fearing the worst, he has chosen to hone his combat skills over his social, and continue his sister’s work- by bringing law and order. He believes his sister is alive, but fears in what condition he may find her, be it good or ill.

theme: Blue Stahli – ULTRAnumb


  • Following the information left in his sister’s letters, Viper makes hi way to the Jori Republic. He spends time here, his first time away from the Order’s cloistered walls, and takes the time he needs to adjust to life away from watchful eyes and understand the motivations of others. During this time, he finds, his journey is truly only just beginning.
  • Kai Long, a soldier and friend of his sister delivers grim news—a preconceived death note from his sister. Though no body was found, the news still comes with a heavy cost to Viper’s heart. He goes with hope in his heart, and resolve in his blood, asking Kai Long to come with him, since he was the last to see her, and a survivor.
  • While protecting a caravan heading for Folkchester Rin was attacked by bandits. The bandits ignored the caravan and came strait for Rin. After defending himself he questioned the last surviving, one handed bandit. The bandit claimed to have been hired by, Hazel Cross, the leader of The Cult of Shadows to collect Rin. Rin searched out Viper to bring the chilling news.

Viper Cross

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