Rinikanto no Ekieron

Inheritor of his family sword, Eclipse, and the Iaijutsu technique of House Ekieron


High Concept

Second Son of House Ekieron


Descendant of Nix
Invoke: Neither light nor dark: Others find it hard to get a reading on you. Invoke to muddy the waters.
Compel: Nothing is black and white. You always present and defend the other side of an argument.


Kybal Reshi: My cousin who was in line for sword bearer before I was born. He lost the position when I was born, after 3 miscarriages. He was exiled when I three, he tried to steal Eclipse and a large amount of family gold. Rumors say he hunts me waiting for me to leave the family land so he can get Eclipse.

Phase Trio

1. My father visited the local town Sylis, spoke to the constable about a bandit problem he’d
having in the hills nearby, and arranged for me to bring them in. There lair wasnt hard to
find and after a brief bloody discussion i manged to bring two of them back to Sylis where
authorities questioned them thoroughly.

2.Hearing about a problem with local banditry, Viper decides that the best way to establish trust in Sylis, is to help bring order to their area. Before he goes to deal with the problem, he hears that among the bandits, is the eldest son of a family, recently runaway after a disagreement with his father. The family begs Viper to bring their son back, fearing he was simply hot headed and didn’t think his actions through. When he arrives, it is only to the end of a bloody assault, with Rinikanto’s hands stained. Understanding that justice had to be dealt, but knowing it came with harsh consequences, Viper informs him that he should have attempted a more tempered approach. He invites Rinikanto to travel with him, that he might learn to balance his ferocity with compassion.

3. From the descriptions of the sword of eclipse he found a similar picture in his fathers journal Salvador searched down its wielder in an effort to question him about it’s history and purpose. Shortly after finding him he was assaulted by a group of deaf ninja’s. Luckily for him the wielder of eclipse, Rinikanto no Ekieron, was not one to stand by while ninja assaults were happening and he made quick work of these ninjas of the cult of shadow.


+4: One-Handed Sword, Athletics

+3: Physique, Will

+2: Notice, Fists, Resources

+1: Contacts, Ride, Sailing, Court Etiquette, Lore: Swords


Iaijutsu Strike: +2 to hit with Eclipse when attacking from a sheathed position.
Wings of the Crane: Sheath Eclipse at the end of any regular attack that succeded with style
Breaking Waves: +2 to Athletics when avoiding melee attacks from a sheathed position.


Born the second son of House Ekieron I have been trained since birth in House Ekieron’s Iaijutsu technique. At the age of 19, having shown my proficiency of the opening techniques it is now my duty to go out in the world seeking challenges in order to further the renown and respect of my family technique. From a family of wealth and prestige I have been trained in some courtly grace and intrigue. Upon leaving the family lands I took an oath that stats I will never to anything to lower the prestige of the family. To protect and honor Eclipse and the Iaijutsu technique of House Ekieron. Finally should Ekiron be stolen from me I have one cycle of the moon to retrieve Eclipse or my life is forfit; i must return home to let my failure be known so Eclipse my be found, then I shall commit seppuku.


Rinikanto no Ekieron

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