Salvador The Sin Seeker


Superb (+5)

Great (+4)
lore (history)

Good (+3)
rapport, empathy

Fair (+2)
athletics, 1 hand

Average (+1)
will, physique, resources, notice,

Divination 4
Focus 3
Transmutation 2
Summoning 2
Mastery 1
Evocation 1
Dispelling 1

kae powers
The Right Key


In the story the hero does this…
one time per scene use lore (history) in place of any other skill.

whip it..whip it good
decreases the difficulty of performing maneuvers utilizing whips.

Favorite with the ladies
Strange Luck
Friend of the beast men


High concept
Optimistic Adventurer in Search of Secrets


Can’t Keep a Secret

As his missing Father before him, he has searched among the Katta Kiar and the deep desert for the story of the hidden sin.
In Marble Iron after charming the pants off a Phyrosian noblewoman to fund his next adventure into the Sky Scoured wastes. He found himself under arrest by Viper Cross. For crimes against the holy book. He was exiled to the wastes. Viper graciously decided to accompany him to the wastes and they shared their wealth of knowledge then parted ways.

Sometime later while following his fathers mysterious journal, he found an old ruin inhabited by beast men. Knowing he would need help, he attempted to track down two great warriors that defeated and entire temple by themselves. He found Kai Long, and challenged him with the onus of protecting him to pillage the ruins of their secrets. Along the way Salvador was captured by amazonian beast women. He managed to make friends with their queen, before he was saved by a harried Kai Long. They then pillaged the secrets of the temple, finding out to late, that Salvadors father had been here before. Following this adventure Kai Long went on his own path.


Locate missing father and find the hidden sin of the Katta Kiar, and tell it’s story.
For how can one begin to atone for a sin they don’t remember.

Salvador The Sin Seeker

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