Kai Long


High Concept:Rogue Hero

Trouble: Can’t stand to see a girl cry


  • Blood of Ghoral
    • Passive Effect: Tireless – So long as you have any points in your kae pool you do not need to sleep.
    • Invoke for: Stubborn – Invoke when someone tries to dissuade you from pursuing a course of action.
    • Compel for: Arrogance – You never believe there is a physical situation beyond your capacity to overcome.
  • Lone Wolf
  • Stand against the waves
  • Hates to back down from a challenge

Refresh: 2


Physical – 1 2 2 3
Mental – 1 2 2 3

Kae Points: 2

Mundane Skills:

+4 Thievery
+3 Fists Athletics
+2 Physique Will
+1 Notice Empathy Rapport Provoke

Kae Skills:

+3 Dispelling Transmutation
+2 Enchantment Focus
+1 Summoning Mastery

Skill Points Banked: 1


Impossible Theft (Thievery) – Steal items that cannot normally be stolen (e.g. worn articles of clothing).
Magic Immunity (Dispelling) – +2 vs evocation effects.

Kae Powers:

Resistance Boosting Counterspelling Prana (Dispelling, Transmutation) – You absorb latent kae energy from a dispelled attack into chakras to boost resistance to that energy type; increase resistance to effect dispelled by +2 for one scene.
Scales of the Iron Dragon (Transmutation) – Your skin hardens at the point of impact to absorb blows similar to the scales of a dragon; gain armor rating equal to scope (max of 4) for one scene.
Agility Theft (Enchantment, Transmutation) – You steal the agility of another to increase your own; the target suffers a -2 penalty to physical actions involving the ability to move quickly while the user of this ability gains a +2 bonus to the same type of actions for one scene. In order for the transfer to take place, the target and user must make physical contact.


Eschewed the way of life of the sons of gral to travel and escape the constant battles, but ended up getting sucked into a different conflict in in a distant land.
Lost a close friend in a key battle, but was able to rise and become a hero and ultimately help secure victory and end the conflict.
Not content to stay in one place he left for other lands, but no matter where he goes, he always seems to run into more conflict.

Kai Long

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