Arthur Justice

Ex-Knight, turned vigilante to punish the wicked, no matter who they are.


High Concept:Ex-Knight Alchemist Vigilante

Bloodline:Majar – Avatar of Nature

Trouble:Wanted by the Knights


1. See back story.

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2.Embittered by the conflicting news of his sister, Viper has embroiled himself strictly in the work of bringing order, while he sorts his emotions out. He is hired to bring a fugitive to justice, and happily embroils himself in the investigation, tracking down the culprit. However, during the course of his hunt, he hears conflicting information, again about this target and begins to follow both the leads. He encounters Arthur first, and has him subdued, prepared to bring him in— until an imposter makes his presence known, and the pair are forced to work together and regroup. They defeat the mysterious adversary, only to find that there are others, and their influence is spreading. Finding themselves outgunned and outnumbered, Viper and Arthur make a secretive retreat, forced to destroy his lab in a bloom of flame to cover their escape.

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3.Following the disastrous turn of events that destroyed his lab and revealed a doppelganger destroying his good name. Arthur decided to regroup with an old trusted friend, his master of the alchemical arts in Folkchester, Maximillion the Miracle Worker.

He arrived upon a horrid scene, his masters lab was in shambles bottles and papers strewn everywhere, paintings torn from the walls, his master no where in sight. Amongst the chaos stood a lone man a serious expression on his face as he was quickly thumbing through an old journal.
The man looked up, surprise crossing his face. “Aren’t you that wanted man Arthur Justice?”

Enraged Arthur drew his weapon and fired upon the man, clutching his head. He said “oh I see the stories were right about you. Well if all the stories were right then this aught to do.” Blood streamed from the mans nose as a orange kai coalesced about his hand. Shooting out to barely miss Arthur. Arthurs eyes widened as he realised the true intent of the blast. A clay mason jar, marked glue exploded, then another as a chain reaction of the gluey substance streamed about the room. Salvadors look of triumph quickly erased. As they were both doused in the gluey substance and held fast, glowering at each other across the room. Both blurting out “What have you done with Maximillion.”

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Marksmanship (4)
Physique (4)
One-Handed (3)
Craft Alchemy (3)
Will (2)
Athletics (2)
Lore Science (2)
Investigation (1)
Ride (1)
Resources (1)
Craft Glass (1)
Craft Tinker (1)

Known Alchemical Recipes
Fire Flask
Inferno Flask
Glue Flask

Tenacious Defender: +2 Block V.S. Melee (One-Handed)
Concussive Defense: Blocking with style (Melee) will create aspect Disarm
Viscus Liquids: All liquid potions require an additional +2 to overcome
Punisher: Wand- 1 Dmg, damage dealt is Mental (Marksmanship)
Retribution: +2 Hit V.S. a target that attacked without provocation in current scene (Marksmanship)


Arthur had always been a stubborn man with a relentless sense of justice. He was, however, not gifted with the powers of magic, which was used as a reason to prevent him from joining the Knights. Determined to be accepted into the order where he could dispense justice with the backing of the Knights, he studied for years, learning the secret ways of Alchemy.

Once confidant in his new found powers, Arthur put on a demonstration for the order and with the addition of a promise of financial support from his father, they accepted Arthur into the order. Despite exemplary performance in the name of order and justice, Arthur was never fully accepted by his new brothers and they were always looking for a reason to have him removed.

They eventually got their chance when Arthur was investigating reports of treason the investigation put him at the door of a well respected person, a friend to the Knights. Arthur would not relent his quest for truth, even when given a direct order from a superior. Arthur’s father attempted to speak on his son’s behalf but the Knights could not pass up the opportunity and branded both father and son as traitors, enemies of the order. The Knights seized their family assets and imprisoned anyone directly related to the accused.

With the help of an unknown sympathizer Arthur was able to escape his fate, by means of a secret passage from the dungeon through the vaults and into the wilderness beyond the keep. During the escape, while passing through the vaults, Arthur escaped with the artifact “Punisher”, determined to use its powers to force the weight of villainy upon those deserving.

After his escape Arthur fled into the country, where years prior, he had cleared out a smuggler’s den hidden behind a waterfall and renovated the space to be his Alchemy lab, base of operations, and home. From there Arthur would range far and wide, helping those who’ve been wronged get justice when the Knights would turn a blind eye, hoping that one day he will be able to return to bring the traitor among the Knights to justice and restore his family’s good name.

Arthur Justice

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