Sand in the Hourglass

Kai desperately searched for a healer in order to save the life of of the Kiarian woman he pulled from the collapsed building. The guards following him proved useless, but a simple bakers wife gave him directions to a woman named Xyrella with a motherly smile. Kai met with Xyrella and offered to pay her price so she would heal the woman. The price was his blood. Kai left the room so the room so Xyrella could work in private. When Kai returned he paid his debt, the consequences of which he did not know. He took the woman and the child back to the inn.

Meanwhile Rin, Salvador, and Viper returned to the Final Rest Inn; followed closely by 10 guards. Court shared news of Rutheford hiring a large number (some 300) new mercenaries. They also found out that the location of the Labyrinth is a closely guarded secret. Only one member of the survey team who found the Labyrinth survived and he has gone missing.

Rin met members of of Kybal Reshi’s gang. They insulted him but were unable to provoke him.

The next day Kai woke to find the two Kiarians gone without a trace. Viper asked Kai’s assistance in locating the Labyrinth. While questioning the barkeep Salvador ‘offered’ to help also. The party went to the main square to see the Guardian enter the city and see if they could meet with Rutherford.

On the way to the main square 13 members of Kybal Reshi’s gang ambushed the party in hopes of taking Rin’s sword. They were clearly mistaken and were quickly defeated. Rin added another severed hand to his tally and Salvador found a new pair of boots.

At the square Salvador and Rin approached Rutherford’s men only to be given the cold shoulder and the threat of guards. Rutherford himself was missing but all the other merchants where there. Strangely the ore merchant was not sending a large amount of product, and what he was sending was unrefined. The shipping clerk provided Viper more information. Horus Sesant purchased Rutherford’s shipping slots. Viper also found out that the ore shipment came directly from the mines instead of the warehouse.

Hours spoke with Rin and Salvador. Salvador warned Horus of a possible threat to the shipments but Horus was not phased. In fact he offered to dine with both of them as an act of good faith.

Kai left to keep watch for more out of place shipments. Rin, Salvador, and Viper went to the temple where Rin hoped to send a message to his family regarding Kybal Reshi. Salvador was surprised to find not one, but two of his indiscretions waiting for him in the temple in the form of Lizbeth and Saphron. Two former lovers and religious iniquities. Neither were happy to see him. Salvador tried to talk himself out of the situation but he was interrupted by a very unhappy Viper. Viper exploded in evangelical exposition on the wayward Kiarian. Rin tried to defend Salvador but only made himself look bad in the eyes of the assembled priests. Salvador and Rin took the first chance to escape (for now). While fuming and pacing Viper is confronted by none other than High priest Krosen himself, drawn by the commotion.


terathus terathus

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