Justice will be served

Viper has a meeting with High Priest Krosen, and leaves cowed, heading for the inn.

Salvador returns to the Inn to find that Clint, an old man and fixture of the inn is missing. Assuming he is sick Salvador, directions in hand, proceeds to deliver lunch to the old man. When he arrives he finds the shoe shop is closed and locked. Salvador lets himself in and snoops around, feeding the cat, and rifling through the mans possessions. He finds that his clothes have been taken and that the man is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile Arthur Justice disguises himself as his master, and starts advertising his Alchemist shop. His luck is just good enough that a Knight and former one night stand Sonya Brettenia arrives hoping to buy something from him. Luckily for Arthur she does not recognize him. Sonya makes an odd request for whole beetles and is quite insistent that he sell her all of them. She pays handsomely for the bag of beetles. Noting her odd behavior Arthur suspects that Sonya is a doppelganger. Changing into normal clothes, the Vigilante gives chase from the rooftops. This does not go so well as a failed jump results in a sprained ankle. Limping after Sonya Arthur runs into an old acquaintance, Viper Cross. Viper convinces Arthur to join him at the inn, and to wear his cloak, where they can talk of doppelgangers.

At the final rest inn Court, Salvador, Viper, and Arthur begin talks of Doppelgangers only to be interrupted when Karazamov shows up. Arthur quickly hides in the smoke room, narrowly avoiding Karazamov. Salvador and Viper accept Karazamov’s request to help him with some bandits, and he and Salvador leave for the inner city.

Arthur runs into a guard and lights him on fire to secure his escape. Viper puts the fire out, and assures the guard he will track down the rapscallion. Viper shows up at the alchemist shop. With righteous conviction Viper vows not to let Arthur leave his sight, lest he cause even more mischief in Folkchester.

The next morning Viper takes Arthur to meet with their traveling companions. Arthur nearly flees as he sees the towering Karazamov, but his disguise, and an unruly face-guard conceal the vigilante’s true identity from the single-minded knight.

Karazamov leads the party to a bandit camp, well aware it is an ambush. Karazamov assures Salvador that he has a plan…..Confronting the guards and springing the trap the four adventurers are assaulted by logs and crossbows from the well prepared bandits.

The bandit attack is furious and more bandits lurk at the edge of the conflict, prepared to attack. The adventurers handle the encounter so well that the remaining bandits flee, cutting their losses. They do not get away unscathed as one bandit on a cart is impaled by Karazamov’s sword. He reveals that this was his plan all along. In order to find the hidden bandit camp Karazamov needed them to take his sword so he could use his Kae powers to track it.

The party reaches the bandit’s lair, an abandoned temple to Moria Godess of Fate, and prepare to surprise the bandits. Karazamov turns to Arthur with a hard expression on his face and says “We will see these bandits brought to justice and then I will personally see that you get the justice you deserve Arthur”


terathus terathus

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