Doppelganger Gang

The shop bell rings and a beautiful woman walks in. Xyrella, a local healer, sees through Arthur’s disguise and offers him the same arrangement that she had with his master; rare herbs in trade for her…services. Arthur’s libido answers a resounding yes and he says he will come visit her shortly. Salvador is so surprised to see the woman that he mistakenly picks up and drinks a sleeping poison instead of the pep tonic Arthur had suggested he drink. Viper is skeptical of this strange, mysterious woman. He and Rin follow the two back to her shop, to keep an eye on her. Everything seems legit.

The next day Kai runs into Rin and Viper in the streets. He tells them that the two Kiarian women he saved have been kidnapped and taken to a place called ‘The Estate’. Rin goes to find information about the estate out from Court and runs into Karazamov, who he sends to Xyrella. Viper talks to the High Priest who says that while the order despises the practices of the estate they are technically within the law. The high priest is going over maps and books that he took from the recently murdered priests study.

The group decides to head out to ‘the Estate’. After a day of travel they reach the old keep bordering a swamp. Kai scouts ahead and finds a back way in. He’s attacked by strange lizard like creatures. Kai leads the party into the secret entrance to the keep where they are attacked by a doppelganger. Kai also turns out to be a doppelganger. Court picks the lock on the door and the group passes through the old dungeon to the kitchen. The residents of the estate offer them all the hospitality they have available. With free reign to explore the central keep they explore thoroughly. Viper sits on an enchanted throne that lets him sense all the people in the surrounding area.

Meanwhile Kai meets with the proprietor of the estate, Sasha. Sasha is one of the agents for the Beetle King. He tells kai that he did indeed kidnap the two Kiarian women, but has since let them go. He only needed them so his doppelgangers could steal their likeness. He goads Kai and ends up spitting blood with a few cracked ribs. Kai leaves, determined to find a way to end the Estate.

The party reunites and leaves the Estate. They decide that they will have to find a way to put it out of business permanently. Viper tells Arthur of the secret laboratory below the alchemist shop.



terathus terathus

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