A Beginning 5-19-2013

The wind howled through the jagged, white capped, Skyteeth mountains. It rushed down the foothills into the Emirak Provence. The tornpeak mines moaned as the cold wind passed their gaping maw. One mine, the deepest and oldest of the lot, groaned with a deeper sound. The sound of timbers failing under the weight of ages, the sound of rock on rock as old barriers collapsed, and finally an echo deeper than any to come before it. The wind continued, carrying rumors of what had been uncovered to the town of Folkchester. The rumors arrived like a pebble in a pond. This was not the beginning, but it was a beginning.

Our heroes’ story picks up in the town of Folkchester. Salvador hears rumors of a labyrinth uncovered in a mine. More importantly he hears that a building has inexplicably collapsed in the merchant district. Salvador, Viper, and Rin go to investigate. The first to respond, however, is Kai who climbs into the collapsed building to save a mother trapped under debris and her daughter. Just as he gets the two to safety the trio arrive to survey the damage. Kiarian merchants lie dead in the aftermath of a battle.

The guards arrive and try to arrest Salvador but Viper steps in. Kai leaves with the mother and daughter to take them to a doctor. Rin and Viper notice the guards are cordoning off the area but before they can react another building has a partial collapse.

A giant metal warrior exits the warehouse and confronts Salvador in an effort to take him into custody. He introduces himself, Karazamov, as a Knight of the Anvil order. He immediately takes notice of Rin and his family sword and a duel ensues. Rin is insulted that Karazamov sends a suit of armor to fight him, and with only slight difficulty disables the golem. Karazamov re-enters his armor, satisfied with Rin’s performance. He asks Rin to join the Knights. Rin, his honor affronted by fighting the armor and not the man insults Karazamov and taunts him into fighting again, without his armor.

Karazamov’s handily defeats Rin, proving his skill is superior. Viper steps in, catching Karazamov off guard and capturing him. He demands to know why Karazamov has killed the innocent Kiarians. In private Karazamov shows Viper that the warriors were transporting highly illegal borean steel from Kozaria and that at least one of them is a member of the Cult of Shadows. Karazamov claims that he cares not for casualties if he accomplishes his duty. He also hints at internal problems in the ranks of the knights. Salvador, who has been secretly listening the whole time tells Karazamov that he knows a renegade knight. The party is allowed to leave, but Karazamov sends guards to keep an eye on them and promises to talk to Salvador about Arthur when he has time.


terathus BadguyEX

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